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Why reach out?

Entrepreneur: recommend yourself or others to be guests on the podcast! Ask for intros to regional investors if you are raising.

Investor: if you want to get more up to speed with Cambodia, RG can help. We have made it our mission for the last three years to find the top entrepreneurs, showcase their unique stories, build strong connections across all sectors and create the most current and accurate startup database in the country. 

We do this so more attention can be given to the high-quality investment opportunities available, if you are able to put in the effort day by day to build such essential win-win relationships with the builders of tomorrow.


Having put in this groundwork, we can act as a 'lift off' in 3 main areas:

- Macro analysis & sector mapping (1000+ company database)

- Vetted introductions to quality entrepreneurs & deals

- Initial deal due diligence & founder negotiation

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29F, Choice Accelerator, KY ICenter, BKK3, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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